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German-jewish past and a 500-year-old ritual bath in one location


History forum
at Steinweg 24 in Volkmarsen

Our Vision: our extensive collection on the German-Jewish history will be under a single listed roof in a body with the unique 500 years old Jewish ritual bath. In the town city at Steinweg 24 we are going to create a unique meeting place for history, present age und future. Doors are open for everyone who is interested in history, inquisitive for knowledge and wants to meet other people. You can enjoy movies, drink a coffee and learn interesting facts of history.

Please commit yourself to our vision. Be a supporter and sponsor of the historical forum in the house at Steinweg 24.

… as a donor:

please contribute that the German-Jewish history of our region can be presented in a contemporary manner. Support the purchase and conversion of the house at Steinweg with your donation. Help to maintain the unique Jewish ritual bath in Northern Hessen for the public. Create with us a place where history should become visible.

Our donation account:
Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg
IBAN: DE14 5235 0005 0009 4620 78
Heading: „Mikwe“
Donation receipts can be issued by the association.

Or directly by using paypal:

… as a member of the association:

Member of the association “Rückblende”club can be everbody! No matter, whether young people; seniors, private individuals, companies or institutions. Our membership fee is € 18 per year. Further information and a membership application form you can find  here.