What we do

What are the society’s objectives?

  • Information-events on a regular base: movie-, dissertation- and discussion-evenings
  • Annual commemoration on the 8th of November (Night of broken glass) and 27th of January (Holocaust commemoration-day)
  • Worldwide search for Jewish emigrants, recreation and maintenance of written, telephonic and face-to-face contacts with former Jewish citizens

  • Extensive research activities on the history of Jewish communities in Volkmarsen and the surrounding areas
  • Interviews with contemporary witnesses, detecting, collecting and working up personal documents and notes
  • Advice and assistance of needy Jewish emigrants abroad
  • Information journeys to memorial places, for example to Bergen-Belsen, Wewelsburg, Theresienstadt, Breitenau, Holland, Belgium, Czechia, Poland
  • Initiative and suggestion to the appellation of streets, places and schools in the North-Hessian cities after ancient Jewish inhabitants









  • Collaboration by the creation of the video-documentary film “The escape of the children” (About the escape of Jewish children in 1939 to England)
  • Attendance at the assembly of the memorial avenue in Sobibor/Poland, disposition of memorial stones, tree growing, documentation

    memorial avenue in Sobibor
  • Construction of an 18 meters long memorial wall at the Jewish cemetery in Volkmarsen to remind to the murdered Jews from Volkmarsen
  • Assembly and presentation of our permanent exhibition “German-Jewish life in our region during the centuries”

An exceptionally main focus in our society’s work: Organisation, development and financing of meeting weeks with ancient Jewish citizens from the region, who live in the USA, Israel and Australia today (in the years 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006)