What are the society’s objectives?

The society stands up for tolerance and respect for the human dignity and turns against violence, racism and exclusion of minorities.

Main focus of the society’s work:

  • Exploration and documentation of the history of German-Jewish families
  • Retrieval and conservation of the evidences left by the German-Jewish culture in our region
  • Remembrance to the age-long presence of Jewish Germans in the north of hesse
  • Approachment and care of contacts with emigrated families, especially even with the following generations
  • Interviewing contemporary witnesses
  • Recording, refurbishing and publishment of memoirs of contemporary witnesses
  • Public relation to inform about the destiny of Jewish citizens, about their life across the centuries, the persecution, banishment and deportation
  • Close cooperation with like-minded groups and institutions
  • Guided tours on the traces of Jewish citizens in the city
  • Guided tours through the exhibition “German-Jewish life in our region” for school classes, confirmand groups, societies and so on